one breath
one brush stroke
(Lidia Rozmus)

The artistic traces I leave - my sumi-e

They are the records of my existence and the processes of my energy.

They are my sign language in which only the essence of form needs to be expressed, and "a brush stroke gesture" is quicker than thought.

So they are non-intellectual, intuitive shapes, hopefully capturing the spirit, rather than the semblance of the subject matter, and in that abstract format, I communicate my truth and feelings to the real world of the people who look at these "signs".

During my Japanese travels I learned the culture and arts and befriended artists, calligraphers and poets. All those experiences enriched greatly my understanding of "the spirit" that "lives" in sumi-e.

I was fortunate to study sumi-e with great teachers and artists, Madeleine Stanley-Jossem, Qigu Jiang and
Shozo Sato.